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Shop Like it Matters and Vote with Your Wallet

KLERIFYING FACT: When you shop locally, for every $100 you spend, $68 stays in the community.

Dang it felt good to cast that ballot last week! We hope you felt empowered and part of a wider community looking for a better future. We here at Klerify voted for so many reasons including (but not limited to) affordable healthcare, civil treatment of our fellow humans, and to restore some sanity to our environmental policies that protect the planet. What if each week you could vote for better personal health?

What if each week you could vote for protecting human rights and animal welfare?

What if each week you could vote for less polluted lands, air, and water—and a healthier place for us and wildlife?

Actually, you ALREADY do vote on a weekly basis—you might just not realize it.

Because every time you go to the grocery store, you vote with your dollars.

The choices you make at the grocery store are among the biggest ways you impact the planet. You tell companies what matters to you when you buy products that are good for you and for the Earth, or when you refuse to support businesses that do harm to people or the planet.

So how can you make sure your daily actions support the issues that matter to you?

We’re launching a new version of Klerify to help you vote for a healthier you and a cleaner planet.

Your Choices=Your Vote

Choose organic and local fruits and veggies—and you vote for better health, more money in your community, and a much lower impact on the Earth.

Choose Fair Trade products when buying chocolate or coffee—and you vote for rights for all workers.

Choose organic and free range when buying dairy or eggs—and you vote for a better life for animals and for your health.

Choose snacks, home cleaning products, and personal care items without palm oil—and you vote to reverse climate change and protect habitat for orangutans and other animals. • Choose chickpeas, beans, lentils, and other vegetable proteins at least once a week, rather than meat—and you vote for a healthier circulatory system and a stable climate.

An Insurance Policy for Your Future

While some of the items might be a little more expensive today, think about it as an insurance payment on the future for your health and the planet's.

Experts agree that our healthcare costs and insurance will go up if we live in a polluted world filled with food that harms our bodies. See here, here, and here.

So this week and every week, when you go to the grocery store, make sure you use Klerify to shop like it matters.


Images: india*wallet" by bozontee is licensed under CC BY 2.0; "I voted!" by Ginny is licensed under CC BY-SA

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