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7 Great Ideas for a Healthier, Mindfullier Puppy/Souper Bowl Party

If you’re like me, Sunday’s Souper Bowl (we can’t say "super" for legal purposes, apparently) is less about the game and more about:

  1. Eating and drinking the perfect food,

  2. Enjoying the company of friends while focusing on the commercials, and

  3. Hoping there is a God who doesn’t allow Tom Brady or Eagles fans reason to celebrate.

Sadly someone has to win this most symbolically American of Souper Bowls pitting Patriots against recently endangered Eagles (conservation does work!). Knowing that a team most people don’t like or care about will win, let’s focus on the important things – eating healthy in a way that doesn’t reverse your January diet achievements and makes a contribution to a healthy planet. So get excited like this guy and go shopping with the Klerify app:

Here come my 6 point pre-game solutions to score a “touchdown” at the grocery store as you pregame prep for Sunday’s alternative to the Puppy Bowl:

  • Pretzel Crisps over tortilla chips. Snack without the fats and oils that clog your arteries, pack on the pounds with more calories, and cut down forests by choosing pretzel crisps. The vegetable oil to fry chips is a leading cause of deforestation, like the soybean field below. Ain't nobody got time for heart disease or deforestation!

  • Get Baked instead of Fried chips if you must… So maybe you don’t want to go for fewer calories with pretzel crisps (100 calories for 14 crisps) and stick to the chips (140 calories for 7 chips). At least do yourself and the planet a favor by getting baked chips that use less vegetable oil.

  • Dip into Newman’s Own Salsa. Once you’ve got your Pretzel Crisp or baked chip in hand, you need to dip into an ethical salsa brand. Instead of supporting the 1% who own most of the shares in the big salsa brands, choose Newman’s Own Salsa. 100% of profits go to charity from Newman’s Own. Your salsa money is helping the world!

  • Buy Local Microbrewed Beer to drink local, think local. All these chips will make you thirsty. Buy local microbreweries to support local businesses and farmers who supply these craft breweries. Bud Lite might have good commercials, but they’re owned by a bunch of multi-billionaires. Strengthen your community by drinking local beer!

  • Organic Beans only for the Chili – your heart and colon will thank you for sticking to beans for a crowd-pleasing chili. Ground beef (aka red meat) is not only lesss healthy for you with more calories, but also has huge greenhouse gas emissions. Protect your future hearth health and the planet! Go for Eden Organic Beans.

  • Organic Dairy and Chicken! If you’re like any self-respecting Puppy Bowl or Big Game party host, your spread will include chicken wings from baby chickens or cheese and sour cream dips. Make sure you buy organic chicken wings, organic cheese, and organic sour cream. Animals that are raised as organic aren’t given hormones or antibiotics, which is healthier for you and society! Organic Valley dairy and Bell and Evan's Chicken are my preferred brands.

Bake in an Extra point

  • Organic Fairtrade Sugar is the best way to bake your homemade cupcakes thanks to Wholesome Sweeteners. Like Bill Belicheck, you’re gonna cheat on your diet at some point with desert after all the beer and food. Just use sugar that’s certified organic and Fairtrade to help poor farmers and the environment.

So go on, take this advice and make a shopping list with Klerify. Go to the store and make sure your Puppy/Souper Bowl party is healthy for you and the planet. It’s the best way to salvage an unfortunate win by either the Eagles or Patriots.

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