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Stewing Over Climate Change? Be Part of the Solution and Create a Carbon Diet! Start with Vegetarian

Klerifying Facts:

- The average American is responsible for 16.2 metric tons of annual ghg emissions, making us the world leaders!

- In 1893, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes are a vegetable in the case Nix V. Hedden in order to tax imports of tomatoes. The tomato is actually a fruit according to scientific classification because it bears seeds.

A Global Carbon Diet in the Making

Every country in the world met in Bonn, Germany to advance a plan to protect our Earth from the impacts of severe climate change. They’re cooking up the ways in which the world’s governments will credibly and transparently reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will keep the Earth safe and protect human societies. They'll do this in large part by cutting pollution.

Sadly, the USA’s current Executive Branch under Trump is not leading the way. The Trump Administration said they will cancel America’s participation in the Paris Agreement. This agreement, reached in 2015 by the global community, aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and keep the world closer to a more stable climate and safer existence for all of life. Just like the Supreme Court ignoring the science of tomatoes in 1893 for profit, the Trump administration ignores science to support fossil fuel industry profits while not creating jobs of the future.

Klerify will help you create a carbon diet for your household. We’ll provide a tip or two on how to help the world’s efforts to fight climate change. We encourage you to share your carbon diet plans with your friends and family, and use the Klerify app.

The world will soldier on together to agree to go on a carbon emissions diet, and we should individually do the same at home because climate change is going to stink if we don’t stop it.

A carbon diet will help the planet, your wallet, and our future! Start your's today.

Climate Change, We’re Causing It, and It’s Gonna Hurt So Bad

Climate change is caused by human activity. The United States Government and 97% of scientists who study climate science attribute warming trends as the result of human activity that emits greenhouse gases. Climate change caused by our lifestyles will lead to higher temperatures that will increase droughts, intensity of heat waves, regional food shortages, more intense flooding, loss of coastal land to flooding, and more intense storms (remember Harvey and Irma? it was like so many CNN news cycles ago!). Kind of intense for a Monday, we know…

Don’t Despair There’s Still Time for Clean Air

Even though the Trump Administration isn’t leading the global efforts to protect our shared Earth from There are many American leaders in Bonn demonstrating that “We are still in.” They represent:

  • 20 states

  • 110 cities

  • 1,300 businesses (including little brands like Wal-Mart and Mars)

These state and city government represent over 130 million Americans, demonstrating that much of America is still in the Paris Agreement.

The U.S. States and City Governments along with American businesses are working towards goals held by the rest of the world. Literally, it’s the rest of the World, even Syria (which has a Civil War), Russia (which undermines world agreements and America’s democracy), and France (which is so stereotypically French) are in the Paris Agreement. So, it’s important that leaders in America find ways to continue to lead the world.

With the collaborative global effort, there are about three years left to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a level that can stabilize the climate and avoid the most harmful impacts of really bad climate change. That precious time, however, is ticking away. And we need to quickly cut our carbon with the urgency like we're chasing a Black Friday sale or being chased by bulls!

Race to cut the carbon out of your life before climate change hurts!

It’s Like a Diet, Only One that Saves the Planet

While these leaders work in Bonn to put the planet on a carbon diet, take a moment to think how your daily small choices contribute to the big impact of climate change. When you turn the lights on, drive your car, heat your house, buy anything from clothes to plastics, or choose what to eat, you’re impacting the climate. There are ways that you can curb your impact with little choices to protect the Earth today and tomorrow for your kids and grandchildren. Along the way, you’ll protect the lives of other people and conserve amazing creatures around the world.

It’s amazing to think that you, as an individual can make a difference in the course of world history with your daily acts.

Let’s spend this week (and more!) in solidarity with the world, and start putting together a carbon diet.

The simplest place to start is to understand what activities create the most greenhouse gas emissions in your lifestyle. The typically agreed upon leading impacts from Americans are (click to learn how to create a carbon diet the impacts):

  1. Food you eat

  2. Air travel

  3. Home heating

  4. Driving your car

  5. Electricity use at home, where you work, and in your town

  6. How you invest your money

Trim that Carbon Waste-line! And where you can't cut, offset: https://carbonfund.org/individuals/

With Beans over Beef, you save 18 lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The average American eats a lot of carbon intensive foods, and also wastes up to 40% of the food they buy. These two behaviors combine to help Americans lead the world in greenhouse gas emissions per capita! We are number one, woohoo!!!! Or maybe that’s not something to celebrate, rather to change…

This handy graph demonstrates the amount of carbon emissions for each type of food produced for America:

See a lot of your favorite types of food there, like burgers, steak, dairy, chicken, and snacks. Pretty intense, right?

Start making a positive difference and fight climate change. Simply reducing the amount of meat you eat will benefit your wallet, your health, and the climate. That's the ultimate woke multi-tasking.

Klerify thinks you can start this carbon diet with a vegetable soup to keep you warm in the late days of Fall. With each pound of beans in soup instead of a pound of beef, you’re saving about 18 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the quickest diet achievement ever!

Klerify recommends you check out the following vegetable soup recipes this week. They’re easy, healthy, and low carbon:

So use these recipes that call for tomatoes and vegetables, and make a difference in the world with this simple step.

What climate saving, carbon cutting recipe are you going to try this week?!?

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