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Summer Sun Toasting Your Face? Restore your shine, and Nature with Restorative Facial Cream

Klerifying Fact: Humanity has healed its skin with moisturizers for the last ten thousand years. Early moisturizer was made from olive oil.

Did you fall asleep at the beach without enough sunscreen? Or give yourself razor burn? Or are you fighting off that Marlboro man look to maintain a youthful visage? Face getting wrinkled like an elephant?

If so, take a moment and consider the moisturizer you use daily to keep the wrinkles at bay. Chances are the product and brands you use to restore your face and skin aren’t produced in a way to restore the Earth, too.

What’s with the weird ingredients?

On the back of most moisturizers are a whole heap of ingredients. Chances are you don’t know where a majority of them come from or what they even mean! That’s the beauty of modern chemistry and brand marketing. We rub stuff all over our faces without knowing what it is or where it’s from.

Impact ingredients!

Don’t put too much faith in brands to do the right things to restore the Earth even if they restore your face. Many moisturizers contain palm oil and soy oil. They’re leading causes of deforestation, water pollution, and human rights abuses.

Others still include an ingredient called “squalene.” While fun to say, it’s sad to think where most squalene originates…shark livers. That’s right, unless your brand specifically says the squalene is from a plant, there is a very strong chance you’re rubbing shark liver on your face.

You can heal the world and dry skin!

Thankfully there are options for you to buy responsible moisturizer. We strongly recommend you check out a new brand called THRIVE. It’s ingredients come from Costa Rica where the company works with small farmers to restore nature and harvest healthy ingredients.

So follow this guide to restore your face and the Earth…

😃 Green Brands (Restore nature and your face!): THRIVE Natural Care (buy it at Amazon!)

😐 Yellow Brands (certified sustainable oil ingredients): Nivea, Cerave

😡 Red Brands (no certified sustainable oil ingredients): Burt’s Bees, Aveeno , Jergen’s, Neutrogena

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