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Don’t have a regular cow! Celebrate a diverse Independence Day diet with a Greener BBQ.

Klerifying Fact: Americans spend $196 million on hamburgers to celebrate the 4th of July; continuing the celebration started by the Democratic-Republican Party back in the 1800s.

Yes, you read that right the Democratic-Republican Party was once a thing. Can you imagine today’s Democrats and Republicans grillin’ and chillin’? Well we can.

And we can also see you getting together with friends and family for a green afternoon by the barbecue with a mix of sustainable veggie and grass fed beef burgers.

Burgers with a side of problems

Today’s beef industry is run amok with greenhouse gas emissions, agriculture inputs, and some unsustainable grazing practices. Today there are 25.7 billion pounds of beef consumed a year from 93.5 million beef cattle. That’s a lot of burgers!

Some of proven impacts from eating a regular hamburger include:

  • 4 lbs of GHG emissions

  • 14.6 gallons of water

  • 14.6 gallons of water used

  • 64.5 square feet of land used

On top of this within the beef industry there is significant:

  • Use of illegal, and unsafe labor with labor rights abuses in slaughterhouses

  • Pollution of our rivers and lakes from manure and chemical run-off

  • Overuse of antibiotics and growth hormones that affect public health

  • Ongoing prairie destruction for crops fed to cattle in feedlots

Veggie Burgers as a Green Alternative

Veggie burgers have positive environmental and social impacts by avoiding the big impacts of factory beef farming. Specifically, they use far less energy, land, and other resources with less water pollution than a regular beef burger. Increasingly, veggie burgers taste better, and some even look (and bleed) like a real burger!

Good Grazing for Healthy Grasslands

You don’t need to go all veggie, though! To remain healthy ecosystems, grasslands need to be grazed by cattle across America. Well-managed grazing creates increased diversity for nature. These grasslands also store as much as 54% more carbon than croplands! Grass fed beef can be on your backyard BBQ menu.

Mix and match your Veggie and Grass fed grilled burgers

Your choice of burger is important this year. With the Federal government rolling back climate change action as well as land and water protection, what you eat matters more than ever.

Make a positive difference!

😃 Green Brands (veggie burgers): Beyond Meat, Amy’s California Veggie Burgers, Hilary’s

😐 Yellow brands (grass fed beef burgers – click to find where to buy): Strauss Farms, PRE Brands

😡 Red Brands (unsustainable burgers): Bubba Burger, Ball Park Patties, Johnsonville Grillers

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We did not make this up!

Photos from:

By Ryan Thompson/U.S. Department of Agriculture [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0) or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Bing from Boston, United States (Audubon Circle Restaurant Bar) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons