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Skip the BS of Bottled Water, Go Green and Save Cash!

Klerifying Facts:

- The average American drinks 39 gallons of bottled water.

- This habit costs all Americans $21.3 billion.

The mercury is rising across the country, and so is the need to stay hydrated. Increasingly Americans choose bottled water to quench their thirst. In fact, we drink more bottled water than any other beverage. Save some serious cash and go green without bottled water.

Same Flavor, Two Kinds

There are two major kinds of water – purified and spring. Both types taste the same!

Why don't you just Tap that Water?

Purified water is water from a municipal tap that’s been “purified” or had chemicals added; this means you’re paying for the same stuff that comes out of the sink faucet!!!

Spring Draining!

Spring water comes from a specific underground water sources often called springs or aquifers. There are many such sources around the country, and many are used unsustainably.

Nestle is the biggest supplier of spring water across America. Brands like Arrowhead Springs, use water from drought stricken or water stressed sources that shouldn’t be used! This means some spring water brands take water from our public resources unsustainably contributing to water shortages.

In other places like Michigan, they use ground water without paying a fair price for our public resource!

Skipping bottled water is a big green thing

There are two big wins for the environment with your abstaining from bottled water:

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 82 grams of CO2 for each bottle you skip.

  2. Don’t trash the planet. Only 15% of bottles are recycled with the rest ending up in landfills, the ocean, or the rest of nature!

Save some dough, and the Earth

Buying bottled water every day for $1.45, costs you $529.25 a year. Switching to tap would save you $528. Buy a refillable water bottle and go green with more green this summer.

😃 Green brands: Whatever comes out of your sink!

We recommend these personal water bottle brands: Sigg, Kleen Kanteen, Nalgene

😡 Red Brands: Dasani, Pure Life, Aquafina, Poland Springs, Arrowhead Springs.

We Didn't Make this up!