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Clearing the Rainforest with Wet Noodles! The Role of Instant Noodles i

Klerifying Fact: Invented in 1958, instant noodles are the number one sold item to prisoners on Riker’s Island.

Instant noodles, the yuppie/hipster craze sweeping across the nation is a leading cause of deforestation. As much as 5% of all palm oil for the US market is used for instant noodles! That makes it probably the leading use of palm oil in America! Fresh from the microwave, slurping down a cup of steamy noodles for a late-night study snack or quick lunch during the workday might seem harmless and healthy (save the sodium). However, hidden amidst the broth is an ingredient responsible for a large amount of deforestation.

How can an innocent instant noodle cut down forests?

Ramen noodles are made of 20% palm oil! Imagine all of those dry noodle packets at the store as a former forest that was cleared to grow palm oil. Making ramen is easy when you’re feeling lazy. Buying sustainable palm oil is also easy because there’s a lot of it. The brands who make instant ramen aren’t buying it! That makes them lazier than you.

Check out the deforestation in Indonesia:

What’s so bad about palm oil?

Palm oil production is one of three major agriculture commodities causing deforestation around the world. To produce palm oil, companies and farmers have cleared millions of acres of rainforest and swampland, globally. This deforestation causes the destruction of habitat and drives extinction for orangutans, tigers, rhinos, elephants, and other creatures that live where palm oil is produced. Clearing the forest to grow oil palm trees leads to a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change and affect the weather in your neighborhood, too!

This Sumatran tiger may disappear from the wild because of unsustainable instant noodles:

Without my noodles, what am I supposed to eat on the cheap?

Well, give up instant noodles in exchange for fresh noodles prepared without the frying that makes them last in a packet forever…The environment will thank you and so will your body.

😃 Green: Fresh ramen at a restaurant

😡 Red instant noodles: Nissin, Maruchan, Nongshim

Tell them to buy certified and deforestation free palm oil on Facebook:


Nissin Top Ramen


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