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YO! Improve your Footprint with regular yogurt!

Klerifying Fact: There are six ways to spell yogurt! (yoghurt, yogurd, yahourt, yahourth, and joghourt also work)

President Obama wants you to eat less meat to save the planet. Klerify suggests you also switch from Greek to regular yogurt to help save the planet.

That Sounds Greek to me…

No, it’s simple math. Greek yogurt needs 3-4 times more milk to produce that thick, creamy, tangy yogurt than to make regular yogurt. Who would think that adding one more step to processing regular yogurt would have such an impact?

A Small Shift is a Big Discount for the Earth and your Impact

Dairy farming, like other animal agriculture, uses a lot of resources. You’d jump at big discounts for mostly the same product, right? Well, you get the same healthy cultures for your gut, just a little less protein, and you save the following with each serving:

  1. 61% less water

  2. 21% less greenhouse gas emissions

  3. 75% less land to grow feed for cows

  4. 75% less manure in your waterways and smelling up the air

  5. 75% fewer pesticides that potentially harm bees and butterflies, as well as your health

No whey! Yes way!

Finally, this switch eliminates a major water polluting acid that is leftover when Greek yogurt is produced – acid whey. This causes severe water pollution when it reaches lakes and rivers!

What about the protein?

Yes, Greek yogurt packs more protein, however, regular yogurt along with a healthy balanced diet of plants and other sources of less resource intensive foods will give you enough protein to stay healthy and strong. There’s only so much protein you can absorb in a day – lay-off the protein, otherwise you’re wasting it!

Switch to the Sustainable Yogurts

In making the world a better place with this small yogurt switch, you’ll not only save more money (Greek yogurt costs more than regular), but can switch to sustainable brands…

😃 Green Brands (certified Organic): Stonyfield, Organic Valley

😡 Red brands (Not certified and Greek): Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani

Check out this music video to get you in the mood for yogurt ((yoghurt, yogurd, yahourt, yahourth, and joghourt)

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