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Flip Off Dirty Electricity, and Switch On Clean, Green Electricity

Klerifying fact: 66% of electricity comes from fossil fuels and 38% of that is

used at home, while the rest is used for commercial factories and buildings around the


Snow in the middle of March? Balmy weather in February? Can’t figure out what’s going on with the weather these days? Well, it’s climate change making winters warmer and storms more unpredictable. Climate change is also making a predictable, more secure future less likely.

Think of all the electricity you use. Whether it’s air conditioning to cool your house, lights to illuminate your house, every appliance for the sustainable food in your kitchen, and running your other electronics (like whatever you’re reading this on!), each day relies on electricity!

All that electricity is typically from dirty energy that emits climate changing greenhouse gases. Annually, the average American, like you, causes 7.6 tons of carbon emissions from electricity use. Its time curb your contribution to climate change, and reduce your impact on the environment by switching to green electricity.

Clean your Power Lines!

You have a choice to purchase clean, renewable energy and make a real difference. In the U.S. leading renewable energy is produced from solar panels, wind turbines, biomass, hydropower, and even ocean waves. These sources of electricity either don’t contribute to climate change or only emit small amounts of greenhouse gases.

Won’t the Government Take Care of This Anyway?

​Not anymore. The Trump Administration denies that human activity causes climate. It promotes harmful fossil fuel use. They just announced plans to roll back our Government’s efforts to combat climate change. The Obama Administration promoted renewable, green electricity, while reducing emissions from fossil fuel power plants. They also promoted cost saving energy efficiency. The Trump administration is cancelling this work.

Such a decision comes pollutes our water and air, thereby causing health problems and early deaths for thousands of Americans. On top of this, green electricity production creates far more (and better) jobs than fossil fuel production, especially in rural America!

Celebrate Earth Hour by Switching off the Lights and Switching to Green Electricity

This Saturday from 6-7 pm local, people around the World will combat climate change by turning off their lights. This WWF initiative demonstrates solidarity with the Earth, and the future.

Join EARTH HOUR, and flip another switch – your electricity source – to buy clean, green renewable electricity. Clean energy is a pathway to a healthier, sustainable future.

Look at these three websites to find your local electricity utilities and choose an option to buy green electricity:

Or install solar panels from one of these companies:

The switch to green electricity is worth your future. Think of it as buying a bit more insurance or adding to your 401k…because your 401K won’t matter much if the planet is no longer a great place to live.

Use your power to make a difference!

Curious about your home carbon footprint? Use this calculator: https://www3.epa.gov/carbon-footprint-calculator/

Learn more about Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): http://www.vox.com/2015/11/9/9696820/renewable-energy-certificates?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=voxdotcom&utm_content=monday


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Photo attribution:

windmill and solar picture By https://pixabay.com/en/users/hpgruesen-2204343/ [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons