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Don’t be Cagey About Sustainability

Eggsciting fact: China produces five times more eggs than the USA! So, in this category, we are not first…

Even if we are number two, many American egg farmers are doing some great work to bring an inexpensive, healthy, protein-packed food to Americans across the country. Increasingly, farmers produce eggs in more humane ways with greater freedom for our feathered friends.

Feeling couped up this winter? Imagine being a hen on a regular old farm…

Most egg laying hens in America are raised in battery cages. That’s a cage with room the size of a sheet of printer paper (look at the picture on the right). They can’t move around. Too often their beaks are clipped to prevent harm. That’s like spending your life living and working crammed in in a coffin-sized room!

Shell shocked? There’s a sunny upside with humanely raised eggs

Buy eggs from brands sourcing from the many farmers raising egg laying eggs in a humane way. you can buy humane produced eggs without breaking the bank. The labels on eggs can be tricky to discern and not all mean the same thing…

Look to buy brands that say “Pasture Raised”, “Organic”, and “Animal Welfare Approved”. Pasture raised are the best for the hens’ ability to roam free and act like chickens! And always try to buy local…

Here’s a great video on eggs and sustainability: http://www.pbs.org/food/features/the-lexicon-of-sustainability-the-story-of-an-egg/

Does all this hen freedom have an environmental tradeoff?

Yes, and no. Everything in life has trade-offs. By letting hens wander with a bit more freedom, they do consume more food. More food means the use of more farm-land. At the same time, battery cage farms have a lot of hens in one place. This creates air and water quality pollution problems. So there’s an environmental and ethical balance to strike.

Don’t be Chicken of Slightly Higher Egg prices, freedom is worth the price…

Follow this brand guide for humane treated eggs to choose the ethical eggs and remember to look for: Pasture raised, Organic, Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane with Pasture Raised, and Local in some combination. Better treated hens, according to some research, even produce more nutritious eggs for you, so you get more nutrients for the buck.

😃 Green Brands to buy and enjoy: Organic Valley Eggs, Vital Farms, Farmers’ Hen House

😡 Red brands to avoid (or tell to get better)!: Eggland’s Best, Land O’Lakes, Farmers Market, Most Grocery Store Home Brands

There are a lot of local egg brands, so ask your store to look provide the right certified eggs, and use this scorecard, the more eggs the better:


Klerify hope you enjoyed your eggsperience.

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