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Don’t be a Dip, Snack Responsibly!

The NFL playoffs are rushing towards the Super Bowl and it’s time to stock up on snacks for the big game. And while the players might bruise each other en route to the championship, we at Klerify want to give you some advice for a safer way to snack for your health and the planet.

That’s a chip-caused oil slick!

Don’t get us wrong, we at Klerify love Doritos and other tortilla chips. They should really be their own food group!

We just wish they could be made in a more sustainable manner. Tortilla chips are fried, deep fried, to get that tasty, addictive crisp flavor. All that frying uses a lot of oil from soybean farms and oil palm plantations. Snack foods, like tortilla chips, account for 23% of the nearly 83 pounds of fats and oils the average American eats, annually. That’s a lot of oil!

Snacking away the forest?

All that oil doesn’t just come from the sky. Oils for frying chips are part of a huge problem – deforestation! Every time you have a regular old bag of chips, you’re driving deforestation because soybean and palm oil are leading drivers of deforestation.

In fact, the demand for vegetable oils will lead to more than 20 million more acres of tropical forest loss in our lifetime! That’s like losing forest covering all of South Carolina to our snack habits. Deforestation to produce vegetable oils for snack food contributes to climate change and causes homelessness for elephants, orangutans, tigers, and countless other creatures! Double whammy!

Don’t fumble the future with an unsustainable brand!

Klerify has a simple approach for you to save the planet… Eat a pretzel chip that doesn’t require vegetable oil. Your heart and cardiovascular system will thank you, too.

But if you can’t always get away from the tortilla chip craving, here’s our quick guide to a sustainable Super Bowl snack fest!

😃 Green Brands to buy and enjoy (Organic): Mission Organic, Garden of Eatin’ Organic, Late July Organic, 365 Organic Tortilla Chips, Brad’s Organics

😐 Yellow brands to buy in a pinch (supporting sustainable palm oil): Doritos, Garden of Eatin’, and Tostitos

😡 Red brands to avoid (or tell to get better)!: Mission, Santitas, most store brands

We didn't make this up!

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