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Christmas Ham with a Side of Stuffing, Hold the Antibiotics!

Product of the Week: Ham

Who isn’t dreaming of a White Christmas with a delicious ham as the cornerstone of a family dinner? This year, Klerify encourages you to enjoy that ham without an unfortunate antibiotic additive. You won’t even notice a change in the taste. You will, however, thank yourself later when life-saving antibiotics are available for humans to use rather than wasted to raise pigs today!

Pigs eat antibiotics?

That’s right, American farmers feed pigs and other livestock 63,000 tons of antibiotics a year. The antibiotics are fed to keep the pigs healthy because they are often taken from their mothers early in life and live in close quarters that risk severe illness for the pigs. Providing antibiotics before the animals get sick, however, doesn’t prevent all illnesses from occurring! In the last few years a few viruses have swept through pig farms killing millions of the little oinkers.

Antibiotics for pigs – the coal in their Christmas stocking…

The ghost of Christmas future would warn you that too many antibiotics in animal agriculture poses a serious threat to your future!

Animal agriculture producers say that the antibiotics used for agriculture and humans are totally different. There are, however, a limited number of antibiotics available in the world. The antibiotics we use are not working like they used to, and many experts think that overuse of antibiotics in agriculture are to blame.

Once we run out of our arsenal to defeat infections and super-bugs we are at risk of a super virus that can kill hundreds of millions of people. You don’t want your love of Christmas ham to cause an epidemic that makes Ebola look like child’s play do you?

Give You and Your Family a Future Christmas Present, Buy Antibiotic Free Ham!

Eating antibiotic free ham is like using all the hand sanitizer you could dream of to prevent illness to maintain your health into the future! Big ham producers are already raising anti-biotic free pigs, demonstrating this isn’t impossible. So buy sustainable ham this Christmas as the gift of health to yourself, your kids and grandkids!

😃 Green Brands to buy and enjoy (no antibiotics and Organic): Organic Prairie, Good Earth Farms

😐 Yellow brands to buy in a pinch (no antibiotics): Whole Foods Market Ham, Trader Joe’s Ham, Honeybaked Ham

😡 Red brands to avoid (or tell to get better)!: Smithfield, Hillshire Farms, Sara Lee Ham, Applewood Farms

We did not make this up!

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