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Chil(i) the Climate

Product of the Week: Veggie Chili

The USA just elected a President who thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. Well, Klerify knows that it is as real as Trump’s toupee. So now, more than ever, your daily, small choices can have a big, positive impact!

The time and season call for some serious comfort eating...and what better way than veggie chili. By skipping the beef, and only using beans, you will help decrease the impact of global warming. So fire up the slow cooker and book your next chili cook-off.

What’s that climate friendly pulse from the Earth?

Veggie chili uses beans as a base instead of beef bring in big league environmental benefits! For every pound of beans you use over beef, you save 11.4 pounds of carbon. Why is that so bean-tastic? Well, carbon emissions are causing the earth’s temperature to rise. Every slight increase in temperature brings distasteful impact to the globe, including drought, flood, and sea level rise, etc.

As if decreasing carbon emission is not enough, there are a few other major environmental benefits of choosing beans over beef:

1. 94%+ less land use – more room for species to flourish

2. 92%+ less fertilizer – did someone say clean water?!

3. 90%+ less water use – less drought…more water fights!

4. 90%+ less pesticides – decreasing public health concerns one bean at a time!

It’s OK to be a bean counter because it’s healthy for you …

Americans typically eat way more meat than they actually need. This contributes to health problems like heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, diabetes, etc. thus switching off beef and onto beans has human benefit too.

Beans outrank meat in fiber and are lower in calories while also being cheaper. Beans will not only improve your health, but they’ll give your wallet some love too since beans cost $1 a pound versus $5 a pound for beef.

The real bean-ie truth to all of it is the added benefit that you don’t have to worry about animal abuse in your chili – now go ahead, live dangerously – put some sour cream on top!

Take comfort and nourish your body and soul, so you have the energy to make a difference, starting in the kitchen with a veggie chili to protect against Trump’s harmful environmental policies!

Buy sustainable, organic beans:

😃 Green Brands to buy:

Eden Organic Beans, Bush’s Organic Beans, Walnut Acres Organic Beans, Organic Great Northern Beans, Store brand Organic Beans

😡 Red brands to avoid:

Regular Store brands, Bush’s Beans, Goya Beans, Progresso Beans

What you can also do...

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We need to grow Klerify now more than ever to make sure our daily choices can reverse the course of Trump’s planned social and environmental policies!

And support these organizations to fight for the climate and environment to defend our shared planet:

  • www.nrdc.org

  • http://www.sierraclub.org/

  • http://www.lcv.org/

  • www.defenders.org

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