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Product of the Week: Toilet Paper

Hug a tree, save the planet, wipe sustainably! Your choice of toilet paper can have a huge impact on the environment!

Green Brands: Seventh Generation Toilet Paper and Scott Naturals. (100 Klerify Points)

Yellow Brand: Cottonelle (62 Klerify Points)

Red Brands: Angel Soft, Charmin, and Quilted Northern (0 Klerify Points)

Fun facts: • 270,000 trees are flushed away daily around the world, and that extra soft wipe is the smooth feel of deforestation. • The pulp industry which makes ingredients for toilet paper is one of the three leading causes of global deforestation destroying virgin forests that are home to orangutans, tigers, and bears, oh crap! • Well-managed forests are certified to the FSC standard and it is best to buy Recycled toilet paper that isn’t bleached white.

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