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Product of the Week: Body Soap

Is that an Orangutan in your shower?!?

Nothing makes you feel so fresh and so clean like a hot shower with your favorite scented body wash (or bar soap if you’re old school).

That satisfying feel of cleanliness could be even cleaner with sustainable ingredients that don’t harm the earth and protect the orangutans.

What ingredients are we talking about?

Many ingredients that you probably don’t really recognize or understand, like “Sodium lauryl sulfate” and “glycerin” are made from palm oil.

What’s that got to do with orangutans and sustainability?

Great question. Palm oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation, globally. It’s mostly grown in large plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia, where companies have devastated the rain forests of those island nations to provide the world with some smooth vegetable oil. In clearing forests to plant palm oil plantations, they destroy habitat for orangutans, tigers, and elephants making them and the people who used to live in those forests homeless – hence the fact that the orangutan might be in your shower.

On top of that, forests are burned to make room for palm oil farms. This leads to nasty smog outbreaks that harms human health in the region, and contributes to climate change – Indonesia is the third largest producer of greenhouse gases!

WTF that stinks. Is there a solution?

Yes, and it’s pretty easy if the brands paid a little more (less than a penny more) to sustainably source of palm oil and all its products through the credible process called the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). If your brand is too lazy to buy sustainable palm oil or support the RSPO, then you should be lazy and not shower with their crap.

Green Brands: Dial (100 Klerify Points)

Yellow Brands: Old Spice, Dove, Dove Men Plus Care, Olay, Aveeno (60 Klerify Points)

Red Brands: Adidas Body Wash (0 Klerify Points)

Read more and maybe get excited to do buy sustainably and make cleaner world!:

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http://www.sustainablepalmoil.org/refineries/palm-oil- derivatives/

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