June 23, 2016

Nothing quite says summer like fresh purchased strawberries covered in whipped cream or baked into a pie!

You pay good money for their strawberries, so why buy something that was grown with poor labor practices and with really toxic and unsustainable farming techniques?


June 16, 2016

Hug a tree, save the planet, wipe sustainably! Your choice of toilet paper can have a huge impact on the environment!

Green Brands: Seventh Generation Toilet Paper and Scott Naturals. (100 Klerify Points)

Yellow Brand: Cottonelle (62 Klerify Points)

Red Brands: Angel Soft...

June 10, 2016

Popcorn and Pesticides…Yuck!

Popcorn, that healthy, low-cal filling snack that’s popping off the shelves at grocery stores and not just at movie theaters has some disturbing impacts on the environment that may hurt your health, too!

The simple snacking pleasure packs a b...

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