About Us

We started Klerify to make green shopping easy. It is too hard for people to keep up with which brands are doing good things for the world by sourcing sustainable ingredients. We aggregate and organize a wealth of information on certifications so you know what products to buy.


 Our goals are to:


1) Help you prioritize what products to focus on to be a sustainable shopper with your hard earned dollars.

2) Help you choose ethical brands containing certified sustainable ingredients, and avoid the brands that aren't making enough of an effort to care for the earth, people, and animals.

3) Provide simple guidance on what sustainable labels mean.


Along the way, we provide simple explanations of the issues (good and bad) of the products and brands you rely on daily. Everyday your small choices make a big impact on the world. Use Klerify to have a positive impact. 


Klerify: small choices, big impact.


Kevin Ogorzalek


Kevin is a global expert in sustainability and certification. He was Chairman of Bonsucro, and has over 10 years experience managing programs with CPG companies while at WWF and elsewhere.

Johannes Wilm


Johannes has over 15 years of development experience in Python and JavaScript working on mobile app projects for companies and NGOs. He is a member of the CSS Working Group.

Joe Keehnast


Joe has over 12 years of experience in finance and product management. He started his career at Microsoft, then moved to Symantec where his products reached 50M+ consumers. Currently, he leads web and mobile products at Cars.com which receives over 30M monthly visits.

Tom Ogorzalek

Director of Analytics

Tom is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Northwestern. He specializes in developing statistical models determining personal behavior.